WAP is an international standard establishing how mobile devices can access information on the Internet. It is a widely used set of protocols used on wireless devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. This tutorial helps you in understanding WAP technology starting from its basics.

This tutorial is designed for all those individuals who are looking for a starting point of learning WAP and we cover topics suited for both a total beginner and an advanced user.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, it is advisable for you to understand the basics concepts of TELECOM.

Course Content

WAP Tutorial
WAP Home
WAP Introduction
WAP Key Features
WAP The Model
WAP Architecture
WAP Environment
WAP WML Syntax
WAP WML Script
WAP Core Services
WAP Key Benefits
WAP Modern Devices
WAP Future Prospects
WAP Summary
WAP Quick Guide
WAP Useful Resources
WAP Useful Acronyms
Dicuss WAP

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