This is a tutorial on TweetDeck, a Twitter client which is available for Chrome, Mac OS and the Web. TweetDeck is a very popular Twitter client and is officially supported by Twitter. It offers a lot of advanced functions over the stock Twitter experience and is a must-have for anyone who uses Twitter extensively. This tutorial focusses on how to use TweetDeck to its full potential and explores all its advanced functions.

This tutorial is intended for users of the Twitter Service and can be used by both TweetDeck/Twitter beginners and experienced users alike. Beginners will find valuable information on the various options available to supplement their stock Twitter experience and will find step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the various features of the TweetDeck app.

Even those new to Twitter can get started by simply creating a free Twitter account and start using TweetDeck using the steps detailed here. Experienced users will find useful information on some of the improvements made to TweetDeck and professional tips which can be extremely time saving along with information on the status of various Twitter APIs used of TweetDeck itself.

The readers of this tutorial are expected to have a basic working knowledge of using their operating system and the web browser of their choice. At least one Twitter account is needed to use TweetDeck. It will be an added incentive to be aware of the Privacy settings associated with the Twitter account being used to login to TweetDeck.

Course Content

TweetDeck Tutorial
TweetDeck Home
TweetDeck Twitter & Microblogging
TweetDeck The Twitter API
TweetDeck ThirdParty Twitter Clients
TweetDeck The TweetDeck Client
Using Multiple Twitter Accounts
TweetDeck Team Access
TweetDeck Advanced Functions
TweetDeck ProTips
Common Troubleshooting
TweetDeck Development Status
TweetDeck Quick Guide
TweetDeck Useful Resources
TweetDeck Discussion

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