Trial biking is a discipline of mountain biking sport where the players ride on a trial bike and race on a course which is filled with obstacles. The player is not allowed to set the foot or hand on the ground during the race. Better bike handling skills are needed in trial biking during the race. Players use light weighted bikes with powerful brakes and wide handlebar. This tutorial will let you know about the basics of Trial Biking.

This tutorial can be helpful to those curious learners, who has a penchant for extreme sports and want to learn the basics of this game. Step by step descriptions with picture illustrations are provided wherever necessary.

Trial Biking is a sport that requires a lot of skill sets as well as preparation similar to different extreme sports. A player needs to be physically fit with good core and upper body strength in order to take part in this game. As a racer, a player should have certain attributes like speed, agility, and good level of endurance.

A trial biking player should have good riding skills as the trails involved in trial biking are tough. The biker must have perfect control over the bike and the ability to overcome the trail obstacles smoothly as the riding skills on the trail plays a vital role in the final points of the player.

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