Trampolining is an acrobatic sport where people perform different acrobatic skills like jumping, twisting, and somersaulting while bouncing on a trampoline. People play it not just as a sport but also as a low impact exercise. It was introduced in Olympics in 2000. This tutorial will provide you basic information about how to play the game and its rules.

This tutorial can be used as a good reference to learn the basics of trampolining. To help the readers understand better, it has step-by-step description with illustrations wherever necessary.

Though the game is filled with a lot of fun, people may still face injuries in trampolining in case of lack of experience and awareness. Some factors need to be taken care of before playing trampolining in order minimize injuries. Players must have proper balance, coordination as well as flexibility for this sport.

As players need to perform different types of jumps and various acrobatics, they need to have good lower body strength to perform them smoothly. Moreover, a player needs to get familiar with the trampoline beforehand in order to be comfortable while performing acrobatics on the trampoline.

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