Thematic Apperception Test is a popular method of psychology assessment which uses Projective Hypothesis Technique. It differs from the more traditional ink-blot tests in that the images used in TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) are not abstract ink-blots but representational figures that are vaguely identifiable by the viewer. These images carry a theme in them. Depending on the viewer’s identification and analysis of the sequence, a psychological map is drawn.

This tutorial is designed primarily for those who want to understand the working of a Thematic Apperception Test, and how such tests influence decision-making in organizations where there is a strong test of character involved in the selection process.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to have some knowledge on psychoanalogy and Rorschach ink-blot testing.

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Thematic Apperception Test Tutorial
TAT Home
TAT Introduction
How Experts Define Aggression
TAT Precautions
TAT Case Studies
TAT Research Methods
TAT Research Results
TAT Pitfalls of TAT Analysis
TAT Aggressive Grouping
TAT Conclusion
TAT Quick Guide
TAT Useful Resources
TAT Discussion

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