Social intelligence is the human capacity to use our brains to effectively navigate through complex emotional situations and negotiate different social relationships. It is an ability that helps us adjust according to different working environments. This tutorial explains how social intelligence helps us deal with complex socialization processes such as politics, family relationships, quarrels, competition, collaboration, etc.

This tutorial is designed primarily for those professionals who want to increase their social and interpersonal skills so that they can share their ideas more clearly without inhibitions and self-doubt.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to have a calm mindset and be open to exploring the suggestions mentioned here.

Course Content

Social Intelligence Tutorial
Social Intelligence Home
Social Intelligence Introduction
Social Intelligence Applying
Socially Intelligent People
Body Language Worksheet
Emotional Quotient
Emotional QuotientQuestionnaire
High Social Intelligence
How Socially Intelligent Behave
Effect of EQ on Listeners
Empathy as a Managerial Tool
Social Intelligence Organizations
Social Intelligence Resources
Social Intelligence Quick Guide
Social Intelligence Useful Resources
Social Intelligence Discussion

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