The electronic components exploiting the electronic properties of semiconductor materials, are termed as semiconductor devices. This tutorial discusses the functional operation of semiconductor devices, explains the operation of devices in a circuit, etc. Each topic in this tutorial is explained well using circuit diagrams for better understanding. After completing this tutorial, readers will be at a moderate level of expertise to explain the basics related to semiconductor devices.

This tutorial will be useful for all those readers who want to gain knowledge on semiconductor devices. Upon completion of this tutorial, you will able to explain the functional operation of semiconductor devices.

We don’t assume any prior knowledge of Electronics is necessary to understand this tutorial. The material is meant for beginners and it should be useful for most readers.

Course Content

Semiconductor Devices Tutorial
Semiconductor Devices Home
Atomic Combinations
Conduction in Solid Materials
Conductivity & Mobility
Types of Semiconductor
Doping in Semiconductors
Junction Diodes
Depletion Zone
Barrier Potential
Junction Biasing
Leakage Current
Diode Characteristics
Light Emitting Diode
Zener Diode
Photo Diode
Photovoltaic Cells
Varactor Diode
Bipolar Transistors
Construction of a Transistor
Configuration of Transistors
Field Effect Transistors
JFET Biasing
Semiconductor Devices MOSFET
Operational Amplifiers
Semiconductor Devices Practical OpAmps
Semiconductor Devices Integrator
Feedback & Compensation
Semiconductor Devices Resources
Semiconductor Devices Discussion

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