SAP BO Data Services (BODS) is an ETL tool used for data integration, data quality, data profiling and data processing. It allows you to integrate, transform trusted data-to-data warehouse system for analytical reporting.

BO Data Services consists of a UI development interface, metadata repository, data connectivity to source and target system and management console for scheduling of jobs. This introductory tutorial gives a brief overview of the features of SAP BODS and how to use it in a systematic manner.

This tutorial will help all those readers who want to create their own local repository, configure a job server, start basic job development and execute the job to extract data from source systems and load the data to target systems after performing transformations, look-ups and validations.

Before you start proceeding with this tutorial, we assume that you have basic knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Basic knowledge of any RDBMS would be an added advantage.

Course Content

SAP BODS Tutorial
DW Overview
DW Types
DW Products & Vendor
ETL Introduction
SAP BO Data Services
SAP BODS Overview
SAP BODS Architecture
SAP BODS Data Services Designer
SAP BODS Repository
SAP BODS Repository Overview
Repository Creating & Updating
Data Services Management Console
SAP BODS DS Designer Introduction
SAP BODS ETL Flow in DS Designer
SAP BODS Datastores & Formats
SAP BODS Datastore Overview
SAP BODS Changing a Datastore
SAP BODS Memory Datastore
SAP BODS Linked Datastore
SAP BODS Adapter Datastore
SAP BODS File Formats
COBOL Copybook File Format
Extracting Data from DB Tables
Data Extraction from Excel Workbook
Data Flow & Work Flow
SAP BODS Dataflow Introduction
BODS Dataflow Changing Properties
SAP BODS Workflow Introduction
SAP BODS Creating Workflows
SAP BODS Transforms
SAP BODS Transforms Types
Adding Transform to a Dataflow
SAP BODS Query Transform
SAP BODS Administration
SAP BODS Data Services Overview
Creating Embedded Dataflow
Debugging & Recovery Mechanism
Data Assessment & Data Profiling
SAP BODS Tuning Techniques
Multiuser Development
BODS Central vs Local Repository
BODS Central Repository Security
Creating a Multiuser Environment
SAP BODS Questions Answers
SAP BODS Quick Guide
SAP BODS Useful Resources
SAP BODS Discussion

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