qTest is a test management tool used to track and maintain the records of all STLC phases, right from the Test Plan to Report creation. This tutorial introduces the readers to the basic features and usages of qTest.

This tutorial is designed for beginners to help them understand how to use the qTest tool. It will guide them on how to utilize the tool in reporting and maintaining the testing activities.

Since qTest is a testing tool, it is beneficial if the readers of this tutorial have a basic understanding of the bug and the testing lifecycle.

Course Content

qTest Tutorial
qTest Home
qTest Introduction
qTest Features
qTest Free Trial Access
qTest Login
qTest Dashboard
qTest Invite Users
qTest Add a Project
Test Plan & Release Management
Test Plan & Build Management
qTest Modules Management
qTest Requirements
qTest Create Associated Test Cases
qTest Import Requirements
qTest Export Requirements
qTest Export RTM
qTest Test Design
qTest Calling a Test Case
qTest Approve a Test Case
qTest Import Test Cases
qTest Export Test Cases
qTest Test Cycle Management
qTest Test Suite Management
qTest Add Test Runs
qTest Test Execution
qTest Quick Run
qTest Submit a Defect
qTest Clone a Defect
qTest Import a Defect
qTest Reports
qTest Filter
qTest Drag & Drop
qTest Hotkeys
qTest Recycle Bin
qTest Search
qTest Toggle ID
qTest Tagging ID
qTest Quick Guide
qTest Useful Resources
qTest Discussion

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