Phalcon is an open source framework quite popular among developers. It is a combination of PHP and C language. Phalcon is developed by Andres Gutierrez and his group of collaborators. This tutorial provides an overall idea on Phalcon PHP framework and how you can use it.

This tutorial is basically developed for those who want to learn Phalcon from ground up. The target audience of learning this framework includes students, PHP developers, web designers and web developers.

Before starting with this tutorial, the user should have knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP along with an understanding of MVC framework. It would be an added advantage if you have prior exposure to other traditional frameworks like Laravel, Yii, or Codeigniter.

Course Content

Phalcon Tutorial
Phalcon Home
Phalcon Overview
Phalcon Environmental Setup
Phalcon Application Structure
Phalcon Functionality
Phalcon Configuration
Phalcon Controllers
Phalcon Models
Phalcon Views
Phalcon Routing
Phalcon Database Connectivity
Phalcon Switching Databases
Phalcon Scaffolding Application
Phalcon Query Language
Phalcon Database Migration
Phalcon Cookie Management
Phalcon Session Management
Phalcon MultiLingual Support
Phalcon Asset Management
Phalcon Working with Forms
Phalcon Object Document Mapper
Phalcon Security Features
Phalcon Quick Guide
Phalcon Useful Resources
Phalcon Discussion

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