This tutorial will help the audience to learn the different aspect of the up-trending mobile device testing as well as mobile application testing. You will get familiar with many useful tools for black-box and white-box testing of a mobile application.

This tutorial also provides a deep insight on mobile device automation testing. Using this tutorial, you can enable yourself for up-to-date test planning for mobile device and mobile device application testing. In addition, you shall be able to automate basic test scripts for mobile device application testing.

If you are a quality assurance engineer having interest in mobile device testing as well as mobile device application testing, this tutorial will turn out to be a helping guide.

A reader should know basic software testing concepts such as test planning, black-box testing tricks, etc. In addition, it will help a great deal if the reader is familiar with any scripting languages, for example, JavaScript.

Course Content

Mobile Testing Tutorial
Mobile Testing Home
Mobile Testing Overview
Mobile Testing Platforms
Mobile Testing Device Types
Native Vs Hybrid Vs Mobileweb
Mobile Testing Device Vs Application
Emulator Vs Simulator
Mobile Testing Application
Mobile Testing UI
Mobile Testing Planning & Tools
Hardware Perspective
Mobile Device Testing Types
Mobile Testing Framework Overview
Mobile Testing Android Frameworks
Mobile Testing IOS Frameworks
Robotium Framework
Selendroid Framework
Mobile Testing Appium Framework
Mobile Testing Zucchini Framework
Mobile Testing Quick Guide
Mobile Testing Useful Resources
Mobile Testing Discussion

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