MariaDB is a fork of the MySQL relational database management system. The original developers of MySQL created MariaDB after concerns raised by Oracle's acquisition of MySQL. This tutorial will provide a quick introduction to MariaDB, and aid you in achieving a high level of comfort with MariaDB programming and administration.

This tutorial targets novice developers and those new to MariaDB. It guides them in understanding basic through more advanced concepts in MariaDB. After completing this tutorial, your firm foundation in MariaDB and level of expertise will allow you to begin developing and easily build on your knowledge.

The tutorial assumes your familiarity with relational database management systems, querying languages, MySQL, and general programming. It also assumes familiarity with typical database operations in an application.

Course Content

MariaDB Tutorial
MariaDB Home
MariaDB Introduction
MariaDB Installation
MariaDB Administration
MariaDB PHP Syntax
MariaDB Connection
MariaDB Create Database
MariaDB Drop Database
MariaDB Select Database
MariaDB Data Types
MariaDB Create Tables
MariaDB Drop Tables
MariaDB Insert Query
MariaDB Select Query
MariaDB Where Clause
MariaDB Update Query
MariaDB Delete Query
MariaDB Like Clause
MariaDB Order By Clause
MariaDB Join
MariaDB Null Values
MariaDB Regular Expression
MariaDB Transactions
MariaDB Alter Command
Indexes & Statistics Tables
MariaDB Temporary Tables
MariaDB Table Cloning
MariaDB Sequences
MariaDB Managing Duplicates
MariaDB SQL Injection Protection
MariaDB Backup Methods
MariaDB Backup Loading Methods
MariaDB Useful Functions
MariaDB Quick Guide
MariaDB Useful Resources
MariaDB Discussion


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