MapReduce is a programming paradigm that runs in the background of Hadoop to provide scalability and easy data-processing solutions. This tutorial explains the features of MapReduce and how it works to analyze Big Data.

This tutorial has been prepared for professionals aspiring to learn the basics of Big Data Analytics using the Hadoop Framework and become a Hadoop Developer. Software Professionals, Analytics Professionals, and ETL developers are the key beneficiaries of this course.

It is expected that the readers of this tutorial have a good understanding of the basics of Core Java and that they have prior exposure to any of the Linux operating system flavors.

Course Content

MapReduce Tutorial
MapReduce Home
MapReduce Introduction
MapReduce Algorithm
MapReduce Installation
MapReduce API
MapReduce Hadoop Implementation
MapReduce Partitioner
MapReduce Combiners
MapReduce Hadoop Administration
MapReduce Resources
MapReduce Quick Guide
MapReduce Useful Resources
MapReduce Discussion

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