JBoss Fuse is an enterprise edition of Apache Servicemix Community Project. Fuse is one of the finest and low-memory footprint based open source ESB. Fuse is emerging as one of the key factors in SOA technologies.

This tutorial has been prepared for professionals aspiring to make a career in Enterprise integration and ESB. This tutorial will give you enough understanding on creating and deploying Camel Routes and CXF Web Services with basic understanding of JBoss Fuse.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you must have a good understanding of Core Java and Maven.

Course Content

JBoss Fuse Tutorial
JBoss Fuse – Home
JBoss Fuse Introduction To ESB
What Is Fuse?
JBoss Fuse Apache Karaf
JBoss Fuse Apache Camel
JBoss Fuse Camel Concepts
JBoss Fuse Apache CXF
JBoss Fuse Rest Web Services
JBoss Fuse Apache AMQ
JBoss Fuse AMQ With Camel
JBoss Fuse Fabric
JBoss Fuse Child Container
JBoss Fuse Issues and Solutions
JBoss Fuse Quick Guide
JBoss Fuse Useful Resources
JBoss Fuse Discussion

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