Geography is a comprehensive subject that includes a wide range of topics like the location of geographic regions; weather system; soils; physical features such as mountains, rivers, and other relief features; population composition; infrastructure; diversity of nature as well as people and their cultures, and many more. So, Geography is one of the essential disciplines of Social Science and its applied knowledge is used in everyday life. This tutorial is divided into different chapters and explains the concept of Geography along with relevant examples.

This tutorial is designed exclusively for the students preparing for the different competitive exams including Civil Services, Banking, Railway, Eligibility Test, IAS, PCS and all other competitive exams of such kind.

Furthermore, the school students (especially class 11th and 12th standard) can also take advantage of this tutorial for the fast revision of their Geography course (especially during the annual exam time).

This tutorial is entirely based on NCERT Geography (class 8th to 12th) books; all the important points, concepts, and definition are filtered. Therefore, prior knowledge of basic geography or else having experience of reading NCERT Geography books is essential to understand the topics.

Course Content

Geography Tutorial
Geography Home
Geography of India
Geography India Introduction
Geography India Physical Aspect
Geography India Drainage System
Geography India Climate
Geography India Natural Vegetation
Geography India National Forest
Geography India Wildlife
Geography India Soil
Geography India Land Resources
Geography India Agriculture
Geography India Mineral Resources
Geography India Energy Resources
Geography India Industry
Geography India Transport
Geography India Communications
Geography India Foreign Trade
Geography India The People
Geography India Settlement
Geography India Migration
Geography India Regional Development
Geography India Disasters
Geography of the World
Geography World Introduction
Evolution of the Earth
Geography World Climate
Geography World Transport
Geography World Communications
Geography World Population
Geography World Human Settlement
Geography World Human Development
Geography World International Trade
Geography Online Quiz
Geography Online Test
Geography Quick Guide
Geography Useful Resources
Discuss Geography

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