If we are to go by the reports of the best psychologists in the world, people who change their behaviour according to the circumstances always portray a behaviour consistent to their surroundings. It is mostly applicable to a sales manager though, because he needs to have a constant communication with all types of clients or stakeholders. He communicates with sales team, assistant managers, Management, customers and other departments of the organization, so he is the point of contact for some of the most important functions in the organization. In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail about the crucial roles and responsibilities of a Sales Manager and how they should be handled for the growth of the company.

This tutorial is designed for salespersons who have been promoted as sales managers and want to learn the basics that are needed to be a good sales team manager. The reader must be aware that this tutorial does not discuss company-specific policies or working procedures, as they can only be shared by employees within those companies themselves. This tutorial takes a generalized approach in discussing the fundamentals of sales and the points described here will be applicable to all organizations.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to know the basics of organizational structure and the working model of your company.

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Functions of a Sales Manager
Sales Forecasting
Functions of Sales Manager Home
The Empathetic Sales Manager
Communication Styles
The Art of Delegating
Listening Skills
Scheduling and Running a Meeting
Managing Time Effectively

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