This tutorial is designed to make the audience understand how Facebook can be used as a digital marketing tool. It also explains how Facebook provides insight into its users’ interests, likes, dislikes, personal life and buying behavior. In addition, it also provides a large database of information that can be tapped into by your business or organization to generate high quality leads, sales enquiries and traffic to your website.

This tutorial is for those who wish to make or strengthen their stand in the market through Facebook as one of the social media platforms. The audience of this tutorial is expected to have a basic understanding of digital marketing and good communication skills.

We assume that you have the creative skills required to help you stand out in the field of digital marketing.

Course Content

Facebook Marketing Tutorial
Facebook Marketing Home
Facebook Marketing Overview
Profile Page Setup
Page Navigation
Facebook Marketing Ad Options
Ad Management
Page Promotion
Facebook Marketing Identify Targets
Facebook Marketing Quality Posts
Facebook Marketing Post Frequency
Likes Philosophy
Facebook Marketing Create Fans
Facebook Marketing Engaging Fans
Facebook Marketing CalltoAction
Video Promotion
Marketing Tricks
Facebook Marketing A/B Testing
Facebook Marketing Analytics
Facebook Marketing Quick Guide
Facebook Marketing Resources
Facebook Marketing Discussion


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