An ETL tool extracts the data from all these heterogeneous data sources, transforms the data (like applying calculations, joining fields, keys, removing incorrect data fields, etc.), and loads it into a Data Warehouse. This is an introductory tutorial that explains all the fundamentals of ETL testing.

This tutorial has been designed for all those readers who want to learn the basics of ETL testing. It is especially going to be useful for all those software testing professionals who are required to perform data analysis to extract relevant information from a database.

We assume the readers of this tutorial have hands-on experience of handling a database using SQL queries. In addition, it is going to help if the readers have an elementary knowledge of data warehousing concepts.

Course Content

ETL Testing Tutorial
ETL Testing Home
ETL Testing – Introduction
ETL Testing Tasks
ETL vs Database Testing
ETL Testing – Categories
ETL Testing – Challenges
ETL – Tester's Roles
ETL Testing – Techniques
ETL Testing – Process
ETL Testing – Scenarios
ETL Testing – Performance
ETL Testing – Scalability
ETL Testing – Data Accuracy
ETL Testing – Metadata
ETL Testing – Data Transformations
ETL Testing – Data Quality
ETL Testing – Data Completeness
ETL Testing – Backup Recovery
ETL Testing – Automation
ETL Testing Best Practices
ETL Testing – Interview Questions
ETL Testing Quick Guide
ETL Testing Useful Resources
ETL Testing Discussion

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