Distributed Database Management System (DDBMS) is a type of DBMS which manages a number of databases hoisted at diversified locations and interconnected through a computer network. It provides mechanisms so that the distribution remains oblivious to the users, who perceive the database as a single database. This tutorial discusses the important theories of distributed database systems. A number of illustrations and examples have been provided to aid the students to grasp the intricate concepts of DDBMS.

This tutorial has been prepared for students pursuing either a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, particularly if they have opted for distributed systems or distributed database systems as a subject.

This tutorial is an advanced topic that focuses of a type of database system. Consequently, it requires students to have a reasonably good knowledge on the elementary concepts of DBMS. Besides, an understanding of SQL will be an added advantage.

Course Content

Distributed DBMS Tutorial
DDBMS Distributed Databases
Distributed Database Design
Distributed Database Environments
DDBMS Design Strategies
DDBMS Distribution Transparency
DDBMS Database Control
Query Optimization
Relational Algebra Query
Query Optimization Centralized
Query Optimization in Distributed
Transaction Processing Systems
DDBMS Controlling Concurrency
DDBMS Deadlock Handling
Failure and Recovery
DDBMS Replication Control
DDBMS Failure & Commit
DDBMS Database Recovery
Distributed Commit Protocols
Distributed DBMS Security
Database Security & Cryptography
Security in Distributed Databases
Distributed DBMS Resources
DDBMS Quick Guide
DDBMS Useful Resources
DDBMS Discussion

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