Collaborative Writing is used to describe those written work projects which involves multiple writers participating together in writing and completing the work. It is different from shared writing in the manner of its execution, i.e. in shared writing, people divide the respective areas of work among themselves and focus on those areas itself.

The future of organizations is in producing documents with shared authorship. They need to trust one another with sensitive, proprietary materials, so that they can work together in the future. The unique nature of collaborative writing will ensure that they develop greater cultural sensitivity and multiple viewpoints of drafting a document.

In this tutorial, we will discuss in detail about the nuances of collaborative writing and how it benefits various business sectors.

Collaborative Writing is now being used in many fields ranging from education to remotelearning. This is because it has been observed that people pay more attention to a text, when they are given the powers to edit the text, if they don’t agree to it. It brings out a healthy debate as the original writer is made to share reliable sources to support his claim. This improvement of content based on mutual interaction makes the final product agreeable to all.

Learning the skills of writing a project in a collaborative manner in a team is considered as an invaluable asset in today’s world. This tutorial is meant for all those professionals who want to learn the art of handling collaborative writing assignments.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to know the basics of writing projects in teams and the concept of remote learning.

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