This tutorial aims to provide a brief introduction to Axure RP Pro, one of the leading prototyping tools in the User Experience (UX) industry. With ample examples to work with, you will get acquainted with Axure terminologies as well as unique ways to make the interactions work for you and your team(s).

Target audience for this tutorial are UX enthusiasts who want to understand what it takes to build a prototype and how Axure RP, as a tool can be used effectively. This tutorial is also a good refresher for UX practitioners to know the recent updates in Axure RP 8.

The tutorial assumes preliminary knowledge of User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) and the background of creating simple algorithms/procedural steps. Introductory knowledge of frontend designing is a plus.

Course Content

Axure RP Tutorial
Axure RP Home
Introduction to Prototyping
Axure RP Introduction
Axure RP User Interface
Axure RP Basic Interactions
Using Masters & Dynamic Panels
Axure RP Condition Logic
Axure RP Advanced Interactions
Axure RP Widget Library
Axure RP Exporting Prototype
Axure RP Quick Guide
Axure RP Useful Resources
Axure RP Discussion

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