Storm was originally created by Nathan Marz and team at BackType. BackType is a social analytics company. Later, Storm was acquired and open-sourced by Twitter. In a short time, Apache Storm became a standard for distributed real-time processing system that allows you to process large amount of data, similar to Hadoop. Apache Storm is written in Java and Clojure. It is continuing to be a leader in real-time analytics. This tutorial will explore the principles of Apache Storm, distributed messaging, installation, creating Storm topologies and deploy them to a Storm cluster, workflow of Trident, real-time applications and finally concludes with some useful examples.

This tutorial has been prepared for professionals aspiring to make a career in Big Data Analytics using Apache Storm framework. This tutorial will give you enough understanding on creating and deploying a Storm cluster in a distributed environment.

Before proceeding with this tutorial, you must have a good understanding of Core Java and any of the Linux flavors.

Course Content

Apache Storm Tutorial
Apache Storm Home
Apache Storm Introduction
Apache Storm Core Concepts
Apache Storm Cluster Architecture
Apache Storm Workflow
Storm Distributed Msging System
Apache Storm Installation
Apache Storm Working Example
Apache Storm Trident
Apache Storm in Twitter
Apache Storm in Yahoo! Finance
Apache Storm Applications
Apache Storm Quick Guide
Apache Storm Useful Resources
Apache Storm Discussion

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