5G is the Fifth Generation technology. It has many advanced features potential enough to solve many of the problems of our mundane life. It is beneficial for the government, as it can make the governance easier; for the students, as it can make available the advanced courses, classes, and materials online; it is easier for the common people as well, as it can facilitate them the internet everywhere. So, this tutorial is divided into various chapters and describes the 5G technology, its applications, challenges, etc., in detail.

This tutorial is designed primarily for those professionals who are working with 3G and 4G technologies and the students pursuing relevant course for their further knowledge update. Additionally, any interested reader can take advantage of this tutorial to update his/her knowledge about the upgrading technology.

There is as such no prerequisite of this tutorial, but the prior knowledge of 3G and 4G will be an added advantage for the readers.

Course Content

5G Tutorial
5G Home
5G Introduction
5G Technology
5G Architecture
5G Time Period Required
5G Applications
5G Advancement
5G Advantages & Disadvantages
5G Challenges
5G Future Scope
5G Quick Guide
5G Useful Resources
5G Discussion

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